How to stop Procrastination?


In order to stop procrastination we first need to understand it and its impact on a person.

Procrastination means to delay an important task purposefully for some other thing that is not that important some people confuse it with laziness but it is not. It means postponing work or task of important nature for some other tasks due to fear or lack of interest.

People who procrastinate usually struggle with the following things

  • Time management
  • Self discipline
  • Motivation

Effects of procrastination.

It has impacts on human beings people who struggle with procrastination usually  have different problems some of them i have also faced in the past i would share some major effects of procrastination that i have dealt with

  • Impaired Decision making

Procrastinators usually have less decision making power that impact their life badly due to this they have missed various opportunities that effect their life badly .

  • Time Management

It makes very difficult to manage time most of the time is wasted on useless activities that are complete waste of time.

  • Reduce Productivity

Being a student i have faced almost zero productivity that resulted in band grades and low assignment and research work productivity.

  • Guilt

It makes the person look guilty and demotivates the person, and the person stops trying to be productive.

Types of Procrastination.

There are many types but most of the researchers categorized two main types

  • Passive procrastination.

In Passive Procrastination person usually lacks the decision making power that leads him to procrastinate.

  • Active Procrastination.

In Active Procrastination person purposely delays the task because he can perform well under pressure.i have done that many time but, Most of the time it leads to failure or incomplete tasks and sometime it works completely fine.

5 ways to stop procrastination.

These following ways have helped me personally to overcome/stop procrastination.

1.Set small achievable Goals.

Setting small achievable goals make an image of achieving something and it motivates the person to do more tasks that will help to reduce procrastination. A small self treat will help more to reduce procrastination.

2.Create schedule.

Creating a schedule and setting out goals help reduce procrastination it helps to focus on main tasks of the day and keeps person focused and energized

3.Minimize Distractions.

Distractions play a large role in procrastination. It is the most difficult task to find those distractions it may be mobile phone or social media or hanging out with friends when you find out that distraction it is very important to minimize that act it will help you achieve your task and end Procrastination.


Making yourself accountable for your actions  will help you overcome In the end of the day assess your day and make your self accountable for all the actions of the day it will create a sense of responsibility and ultimately help overcome Procrastination.

5.Overcome Guilt.

The factor of guilt keeps the person in dark when the person start reducing the guilt of not doing any thing productive and being procrastinating then the person actually start dong something and it makes the person responsible and help to overcome that guilt and actually start doing something .


In simple words procrastination is a state of mind and is a war within the person that keeps him slow it is not difficult to overcome that problem and start being productive again.

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