10 ways to improve your communication skills: Complete Guide

Communication Skills

Man earns his bread and butter based on his/her communication skills. The whole life is a sales pitch the person who can sell more effortlessly earns more in terms of money respect fame or whatever he aspires to the most. Almost mans all life depends on his skills of communication. We can say that success is directly proportional to the skills a person possesses and communication skills are one of the basic of skills

Better communication skills open up more doors. Communication skills are not like innate skills. There are a few things that you could do to improve your capabilities to communicate better with people And make your life easier and better.

Communication skills are those skills that we use daily our daily life will become more impactful if we know how to say particular things to particular people at specific times so that we can get our desired output.

In our previous posts we have discussed the benefits of communication skills here we will discuss how we can improve our basic skills to communicate.

10 Ways to improve your communication skills:

1.     Better Listening:

According to the proverb speaking is to listen if we want to speak more properly and accurately then we need to listen more carefully so that we get to know what is required.  Listening also improves your ability to think properly and it gives a sense of responsibility and other people feel important. Sometimes it is better to listen more than what is required to satisfy other person that they are very important whether their information is relevant or not. Listening changes the whole scenario and plays a vital part in improving communication skills.

2.     Write things down:

To err is human; Humans cannot remember every detail of the conversation. Writing down details or machining bullet points it will definitely help you out and improve your impact on another person. It reflects to other person that they are important and you care about their problems.

3.     Body Language:

Your gestures and body posture improve your communication a great deal. When you are on a video call, or in a face-to-face meeting keep positive body language and maintain eye contact. It is read by another person and their body language also changes to positive.

4.     Watch Your Tones

Most miscommunication happens because one of the parties involved was not speaking in the right tone. Don’t be too loud, don’t be too soft, and don’t be rude or condescending. Always communicate politely and respectfully with everyone. Tone changes the whole perspective of the communication so it is better to be calm and poise whenever you communicate with people.

5.     Review before you speak

It is better to be safe than sorry so while communicating or doing business we should ponder upon our thoughts and say things that are appropriate regarding the situation. The pause before you speak can give you enough time to analyze the situation and filter out any unnecessary details.

6.     Speak Directly:

Communicate with the person you mean to directly. In many organizations, there are many communication channels where there are many needless people whom you don’t need to talk. According to the Chinese whisper game when you pass on the message through too many people this does not work. Just communicate directly with the person you mean to.

Communication is the only thing that has a great impact on our lives. Most of the happy and successful people are great communicators.

7.     Enhance Your Writing Skills:

In our digital age, written communication is as important as verbal. Written communication has the same value as verbal communication in our daily life most of our communications are written in the form of emails text messages or agreements so it is very important to improve your writing skills.

8.     Avoid arguments:

While communicating with others it is better to always be respectful to others. Keep a balanced tone and keep your conversation professional and productive avoid turning them into arguments. Keep one thing in your head that you do not know everything and you can also be wrong sometimes so don’t try to enforce your opinion on others.

9.     Ask Questions:

Asking questions while communicating enhances your skills. It shows that you are interested and it helps to eliminate any kind of misunderstanding and ambiguity throughout the conversation.

10. Feedback:

Always be open to constructive criticism and use it as a tool to enhance your communication skills to next level. You can also regularly ask for feedback from family and friends to enhance your skills in less time. Friendly feedback will help more as it will cover the detailed outcome


The whole idea of improving our communication skills is not only to improve our speaking ability but also to be heard and understood. Increasing your communication skills will ensure that your daily communications are more impactful and meaningful and more people now listen and follow your instructions.

 Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques A video from Stanford Graduate School of Business inspired me and had a great impact on me.

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